Welcome to… uh, here.

Welcome to (insert blog name here)!

Having a short story going to publication in April, and the hope that many more will do the same in times to come, I am beginning a blog to support and further my (almost certain to be) illustrious writing career.

Ok, it may not be illustrious. Hell, I’ll probably spend more buying copies to pass out to family than I’ll make from selling the stories, but that’s fine. Even with all the tortuous editing and shaping and balancing, it still is pretty damn cool to turn out a story that someone else might enjoy reading.

And that is why it is terribly embarrassing to have trouble nailing down a name for this blog. It doesn’t help that I’ve already used the “Ruffled Crow” moniker on my animation blog. Not only that, the current title has a leading ellipses that I’m sure breaks some sort of literary commandment and may even resurrect an ancient evil or two. At the least it’s potentially confusing and quite scandalous.

I’d say that calls my imagination’s credibility into question – a sad state of affairs when you write fiction.

Rather than dwell on it, however, I’ve decided a more proactive, and frankly self-delusional, tack to take is to cast it as a shot across your bow warning you, dear reader, that things will shift and move and generally be in states of questionable repair throughout the blog for the next bit. At least through the holidays, I’d imagine. We’ll see.

Oh gawd. Come to think about it, the reason I had an animation blog that relied on videos heavily is that I really don’t know how to blog – especially how to ‘writer’s blog’, so I could really make a mess of this.

Wish me luck.


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